Castleon2D is an RPG game based completely on nothing.

This version of Castleon is based upon the Unity3d gaming engine. This version is a 2D project in Unity using sprite graphics and 2D effects. All of the bitmaps created for the bitmap based game Castleon that I've been working on.

My son and I have decided to go forward with Unity3D as an engine to see if we can actually complete a game. He is working on Castleon3D while I continue on the 2D.

If you're interested in looking at it, you can download it here: Castleon Installer

Send feedback, comments, bugs, suggestions, etc. to


2015-02-08  0.0.7
 - Added Exit game using ESC key -- Later will be a menu
 - Fixed character name location on overlay
 - Fixed buttons on character overlay
 - Level up now pops open the character sheet
 - Added level display to character sheet

2015-02-01  0.0.6
 - Added training dummies
 - Added kitchen/dining hall
 - Added textures
	- training dummy
	- rectangular table

2015-01-25  0.0.5
 - Updated locked doors on left to render correct position when unlocked
 - Updated chests so that side by side chest no longer open together
 - Fixed behavior on character creations assignment buttons
 - Fixed partial skill advancement (secondary attribute adjustments)
 - Added semi-transparent background to XP text and Coins text
 - Changed XP text to white
 - Added character sheet to game (C to open and close)

2015-01-18  0.0.4
 - Added character creation screen

2015-01-17  0.0.3
 - Added scripts for door interaction
 - Added locked doors
 - Added beds and chests to NCO and Officer rooms
 - Added Barracks
 - Added archery area (no scripts)

2015-01-16  0.0.2
 - Added texture for building floors
 - Added additional layers to make managing z orders easier
 - Added light that follows player
 - Made it dark and added lights to fire places

2015-01-16  0.0.1
 - Imported visuals from C# custom engine into Unity3d
 - Created scripts for:
	- Player movement
	- Player inventory
	- Player stats
	- Chests
	- Interactions with chests
	- Chest loot
	- On screen messaging
 - Created auto-updater
 - Created installer for auto-updater

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