Castleon is an RPG game based completely on nothing.

I began writing a game called "Castleon" back in 1983 with the assitance of one Thomas Wendland on a C-64! In 2007, I started writing a game by the same name for PC while travelling for business. I had plenty of time on flights and in the hotel at night to work on it. However, as with all such projects that I begin, I lose interest and move on to other things. This is no different. Every few years, I revive the code, bring it up to modern standards and, if still interested by that time, add a new feature or two.

This project started as create the framework and map builder with all logic abstracted from the display. The display can then be modified as desired to improve display quality. The current UI implementation is meant to be "placeholder" type work to verify the framework is actually functioning. There is much to do and it will likely never be a finished project.

At this time (Jan 4, 2015), there has been no other hands in the code but my own, no input into the game save my sons running it for a few minutes to see that it doesn't crash.

If you're interested in looking at it, you can download it here: Castleon Installer

Send feedback, comments, bugs, suggestions, etc. to


2018-01-21 0.0.17
 - Updated handling of lock attributes
 - Updated handling of locks
 - Updated handling of visible messages
 - Updated to VS 2017 and .Net 4.6
 - Added music to splash screen
 - Added background music to game
 - Added target dummies to practice area

2015-01-13 0.0.16
 - Updated map editor to use overlays
 - Update map to use overlays for lock/key displays
 - Update map rendering to display overlays
 - Breaks saved games

2015-01-11 0.0.15
 - Added launcher to installer
 - change installed icon to launch launcher
 - Setup auto-upates for launcher

2015-01-11 0.0.14
 - Added additional map elements
 - Fixed bug related to XP 
 - Fixed bug releated to character visual updates post load
2015-01-10 0.0.13
 - Added build number to splash screen and startup screen
 - Added load option to startup menu
 - Added a few armor elements, associated images, and data
 - Added armor to personal chest
 - Character remains in center after resizing form
 - Fixed sizing on info panel so that inventory/skills area grows & shrinks with form resizing
 - Added a few potions and related elements
 - Added wall around area to identify boundary
2015-01-09 0.0.12
 - Added ability to add items to tiles (phat l00ts!)
 - Added images for a few items and logic to handle item images
 - Added a few items and logic for handling items
 - Added logic for transferring items from tile to character inventory
 - Added new images for Chests
 - Updated coins image and set inventory image size 
 - Added open state for openable objects (i.e. Chest now has closed, locked and open states)

2015-01-08 0.0.11
 - Fixed rendering anomolies
 - Moved map to background
 - Moved character to foreground
 - Removed unnecessary convoluted image swapping/tracking for character movement
 - Added color coding to messages
 - Fixed Savegame anomolies -- sorry, old saves are no longer valid
 - Continue button attempts to load latest save, it also deletes invalid save files

2015-01-07 0.0.10
 - Added lock jamming, 1% per failure attempt
 - Since basic skills and pools have been test, reducing to a more reasonable starting level
 - Added logic for save/load of games
 - known bug: the current player tile will be blank after load
 - known bug: the player starting tile will render the player blank after load 

2015-01-07 0.0.9
 - Added additional flexibility to map tile configurations
 - Added level up messaging
 - Adjusted impacts of levelling up
 - Fixed XP Needed calculation
 - More code structure refactoring

2015-01-04 0.0.8
 - Refactored Tile library
 - Optimized memory usage and performance of map tiles
 - Added fireplace tiles
 - Added path tiles
 - More code structure refactoring

2015-01-04 0.0.7
 - Added Coins (look in inventory)
 - Added random coins as loot from chests
 - Now you can not only explore but also accumulate wealth with nowhere to spend it!

2015-01-03 0.0.6
 - Additional code restructing to match current standards
 - Updated stickman to be less stick like
 - Added new WIX installer project
 - Added App.ico
 - Added chests
 - Added XP for opening locks
 - Added re-rendering passable items when moving off of them

2014-12-07 0.0.5
  - Updated to use .Net 4.5.1
  - Source Code restructuring (of course, it's been 4 years since I worked on it)
  - Added unlock attempts/messaging

2010-10-12 0.0.4
  - Modified how character data is stored
  - Added "Credits" to startup dialog
  - Added "Hisotry" to startup dialog

2010-10-08 0.0.3
  - Updated to use .NET 4.0
  - Added locked doors
  - Added flags to tiles for passability and lockability
  - Added borders to startup form and character creation form
  - Source Code restructuring (of course, it's been 3 years since I worked on it)
  - Ability score modifications now affect Skill scores
  - Skills points can now be applied
  - Starting Map (the only map so far) is a work in progress

2007-10-08 0.0.2
  - Modified startup screen so that cancelling out of "Continue" file dialog quits the game rather than crashing
  - limited info box to 100 lines
2007-10-07 0.0.1
  - Boring splash screen
  - Character creation, wow, you get to set the NAME!
  - Application of "Pool" points to ability scores
    - Left click adds 1 point
    - Right click adds 5 points
  - Rendering of Character sheet
  - Rendering of map in non-DirectX format
  - Walking around in circles
    - W or Up arrow to move up
    - S or Down arrow to move down
    - A or Left arrow to move left
    - D or Right arrow to move right

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