About Lemy Bytes Gaming

Lemy Bytes Gaming

A gaming company that plainly proclaims to be the source of games that are never completed.

As most gamers can atest, released games are rarely complete. Patch after patch are released to add features and fix bugs because the software was never really finished. On top of that, the latest trend is to release DLC to extend the game content to what often amounts to missing features of the original release. Here, there is not facade. Games are never complete. Even if they are released, they are never complete. No amount of patching, expansion packs, or DLC ever makes games truley complete. Our goal is to release games that are entertaining and release patches to fix bugs. Will we release DLCs? Perhaps, time will tell. Expansions? Maybe, more likely a sequel.

We're not really a company, at least not yet, maybe someday.

Gene is the founder of Lemy Bytes Software, the lead developer, content designer, blah blah blah. Ok, it's really a one man shop with the occiasonal assistance from the children. He hopes that, perhaps one day, the children will take a more active role.

Gene enjoys long rides on his motorcycle, long hours of PC gaming and Netflix. He tries to attend at least one motorcycle rally per year with the most common being the Laughlin River Run in Laughlin, NV. each April.

Gene began playing PC games in 1983 when he obtains his first computer, a Commodore-64. Since that time, he has dedicated a significant portion of his life to playing games. In addition, Gene has written several games (that were actually completed) on the C-64 and PC/DOS platforms. He was even employed at Wizards of the Coast as the Development Manager for Magic the Gathering: Online for a few years. Over the years, he has made several attempts to write a more complex game in various languages include gw-basic, Pascal, VB and C#. Most attempts only last until interest wanes, life interferes or work schedules make dedicating time too difficult...not to mention obtaining a seriously interesting game that derails all hobby programming!

Jonathan is Gene's oldest son. He occiasionally contributes by installing the latest version of whatever game is under development, though feedback is often lacking.

Jonathan is an avid PC gamer and spends much of his free time in pursuit of that activity. He hopes, one day, to join the Infantry and serve his country with honor and valor.

Christopher is Gene's youngest child. Like his older brother, he occiasionally contributes by reviewing the latest builds of the current game. Unlike his brother, he displays a higher level of interest in contributing to the games.

Chris is also an avid PC gamer though he spands at least as much time watching online videos about games as he does actually playing them.